Saban-to-Texas Rumors: Wife Looking at Houses in Austin

Published on 24-Oct-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Saban-to-Texas Rumors: Wife Looking at Houses in Austin

To quote the late Ronald Regan, "There they go again."

Despite being on a winning streak -- which includes defeating Oklahoma -- and denials from Nick Saban, Texas fans now claim Saban's wife, Terry, was in Austin a few weeks ago, house hunting with her daughter-in-law.

According to Burnt Orange Nation, a University of Texas webpage on Sports Nation, Saban's wife was reportedly checking out houses in Austin.

Here's a quote from this story:

“With the backing of major players like ESPN allowing it over the airwaves and the historically accurate Jesus Shuttlesworth detailing her trip, it would be ignorant to treat as hearsay.”

ESPN didn't report this; an ESPN affiliate out of Austin reported this. 

There's a problem or two with this story.

First all, Saban's wife is a licensed real estate agent. Among other transactions, she bought property last year in Baton Rouge, home to the LSU Tigers. Saban isn't back at LSU now, is he?

Secondly, the Sabans are about to become a grandparents. She could have been looking for property for her son and his family, since her daughter-in-law was with her.

The Sabans also just sold their vacation property in Georgia, which may be the real reason she was out there.

And last, and most importantly, Saban said he and his wife are extremely  happy in Tuscaloosa. He expanded on that comment by adding he was getting too old to make a change. 

The man will be 62 next Thursday. He has the best job in college football, but apparently Texas fans can't seem to let it go nor do they want to.

Even though it may look like Mack Brown pulled his tail out of the fire in recent weeks, he hasn't.

And because of that, the Longhorn fans continue to hope.