Saban Takes Jabs at Ohio State; Talks Nine-Game Schedule

Published on 29-May-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Saban Takes Jabs at Ohio State; Talks Nine-Game Schedule

Nick Saban normally doesn't take the time to take jabs at other coaches when they take jabs at his program, but not Tuesday.

When asked how Ohio State would have done against the top six teams in the SEC, Saban pretty much said the Buckeyes would have had trouble.

“How well would they have done if they (Ohio State) played the six (SEC) teams ranked in the Top 10?” Saban asked. “Would they beat them all? Would they beat three of them? And I think they have a really good team and Urban (Meyer) is a great coach. I’m not questioning any of that. I’m just saying that’s where strength of schedule and who you play don’t get sort of accounted for quite equally.”

Translation: the Big Ten sux and the Buckeyes wouldn't have a chance against the top six teams in the SEC.

To verify Saban's statement, all you have to do is to check their common opponents, which last season would have been Michigan.

While Alabama defeated Michigan 41-14, the Buckeyes struggled against the Wolverines only defeating them 26-21. Enough said.

Small sample size? Then, get on the phone, Big Ten and SEC schedulers!

Meanwhile, another hot topic on Saban's plate is his desire to add another game to the schedule, but instead of playing the likes of Alabama A&M or Florida Atlantic, Saban thinks playing a tougher opponent would be good for the game.

“If you look at it through a straw and how it affects you and you’re self-absorbed about it, nobody’s going to be for it,” Saban said. “I shouldn’t be for it. We have a better chance to be successful if we don’t do it. But I think it’s best for the game and the league.”

Translation: The new college football playoff system probably isn't going to reward teams for buying wins.

Saban can say that because his teams have dominated college football for the last few years, but trust me, teams like Vanderbilt and Ole Miss -- teams that may make playoff contention in the 22nd century -- want no part of bringing in another team to lose to at home and keep them out of great bowl games like the Music City Bowl or the BBVA Compass Bowl. 

God forbid if we have decent teams actually play each other in the regular season! Nope. Can't have that. It could spell the end of crappy bowl games where seats vastly outnumber butts.