Saban Suspends Cornerback for Hokie Game

Published on 21-Aug-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Saban Suspends Cornerback for Hokie Game

Alabama head coach Nick Saban announced yesterday that sophomore cornerback Geno Smith will be suspended for the Virginia Tech game. 

Since this was Smith's first offense, Saban said he feels like this is just punishment. 

"He’s never been in trouble here before, never been in my office for anything, but I think this is something that everybody should learn from that when you make a bad choice, sometimes the consequences of that choice can really have a negative effect. Some of these guys don’t have enough foresight to understand cause and effect, but Geno has been a really good person in the program and just made a choice, bad decision. Made several of them, so now he’s got consequences for it."

This is the sixth player from this season's team to find himself in some kind of trouble. Earlier this year, Saban dismissed four players from the team for their involvement in an assault and robbery.  

Last week, he also suspended linebacker Trey Depriest, who was allowed back on the team yesterday after his suspension. 

Is this a sign of things to come for the Tide?

Probably not.

One thing that this team has besides experience is depth, which helps when things like this happen. That's still not great news for their opponents. 

So, for 'Bama fans, 'Roll, depth, Roll!'