Rushel Shell: Blue-Chip Flipper

Published on 25-Jun-2013 by Coach

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Rushel Shell: Blue-Chip Flipper

Rushel Shell may have a career in politics after he's done playing football.

Shell, a standout prep player at Hopewell High (PA) committed to PItt when former head coach Todd Graham and his spread-style offense was there. Graham left before Shell really had a chance to explore his other options and remained committed to Pitt even when a pro-style, smashmouth offense was brought it by Paul Chryst once he was named head coach.

Shell then spent one year at Pitt and gained over 600 yards rushing and four rushing touchdowns.

After the season, Shell decided he would transfer and ultimately chose UCLA. It would have been a good fit for both.

However, Shell has decided not transfer. However, Pitt has decided not to reinstate him.

Look, I get it. I was 18 and19 once, and choosing colleges can be difficult. But for crying out loud, this kid has the opportunity to get a free education and possibly make millions of dollars in two years! He needs to simply pick a path and go.

As of now, he's a man without a home.

Good luck, kid.