Rumor: Florida Coach May Be Tops on Texas Wish List to Replace Brown

Published on 18-Sep-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Rumor: Florida Coach May Be Tops on Texas Wish List to Replace Brown

Will Muschamp to Texas?

That's a strong possiblity, says Florida beat writer Mike Bianchi of the Orlando Sentinial.

Bianchi said today on the Paul Finebaum Show that he believes if Mack Brown is let go, the first call Texas will make won't be to Nick Saban, but to Muschamp, who is a former Texas assistant.

And, if you remember, he was Mack Brown's successor-in-waiting who got tired of waiting.

It was current athletic director DeLoss Dodds who had given him that designation.

"There is concern in Florida. I assume if Dodds remains AD, he'll call Will first," Bianchi remarked.

Still, Dodds has already announced he's leaving. So, if he's going to make the call, he'd have to make a decision on Brown before he goes. The question is whether he feels he needs to be the one making a coaching change to spiff up his legacy by ushering in a new era, or if he will leave the task of regime change to his replacement.

Bianchi believes that one reason Muschamp may leave Florida is because he thinks Florida fans don't appreciate him enough despite his success, plus it may be easier for him in the Big 12 than the SEC. 

"It'd be easier for him to win without Saban around. Why wouldn't he consider it?"

Bianchi went on to say that, in his mind, he doesn't believe Muschamp would take the Texas job, but if he did, the Gators would turn to Louisville head coach Charlie Strong and Bob Stoops of Oklahoma.

Bianchi may be right, but in the sports world these days, he's just applied the technique of making news happen before it happens. It's the world we live in.