Replacing Kiffin: How about Kliff Kingsbury?

Published on 30-Sep-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Replacing Kiffin: How about Kliff Kingsbury?

Now that USC has fired head coach Lane Kiffin, the question is, who should replace him?

I realize AD Pat Haden is going to look for someone who has thousands of years of experience and has ties to the program, but if he goes off the grid -- and some lists already include such names -- I have the perfect coach.

How about Kliff Kingsbury of Texas Tech?

Let me explain why he'd be the ideal fit for USC.

First of all, Kingsbury is an offensive genius. This is the same guy who coached Johnny Manziel while he was at Texas A&M and helped him bring home the Heisman.

He has the Texas Tech Red Raiders at 4-0. Now, true, they haven't gotten into the meat of their schedule, but Tech has looked good so far, not only on the offensive side, but the defensive side as well.

Kingsbury is already very laid back and relaxed in a Cali sort of way, which is what is needed at a school like USC. Lane Kiffin reportedly was very tense, hated recruiting, and had little personality. 

Lastly, he's handsome. OK, now you may ask why that's important. It's not, but it doesn't hurt when you are talking to recruits' mommas. 

Kingsbury is back at home in Lubbock, but don't think for a second he'll be there long. He's too good of a coaching prospect to spend the rest of his days coaching in a small Texas town.

If USC doesn't snag him, trust me, some other team (see Texas, Dallas Cowboys) will.

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