Really, Who'd Need a Preview of Wake Forest's Game Plan?

Published on 14-Dec-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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Really, Who'd Need a Preview of Wake Forest's Game Plan?

Some way, somehow, the Russians had to be behind this, too.

Who else might've thought that any opponent of Wake Forest football woulda lit up at the chance to preview what the Demon Deacons had in store for them?

Oh, yeah. There was one other.

This dude:

Tommy Elrod must be hiding a terrible, terrible secret.

Wake Forest gave him a full ride, for chrissakes! And this is how he repays them? Hawking sneak peeks of their playbook since 2014?

OK, they did force him to be their QB for a couple of years. That was kinda cruel.

And so now, we have WakeyLeaks.

Who knew the danger that lay within?

Only now are the Deacs' brass asking around.

Wait a minute. Red? As in Cardinal? Coached by Bobby 'Sleazy Rider' Petrino?

The term no comment arose. At first. But not now.

As if Louisville needed advance details against the lowly Demon Deacons. Or did they?

Well, there are a few Nixon-like gaps in that video.

Wake Forest's record from 2014 to 2016 was 3-9, 3-9, and 6-6. So, what gives?

An obvious theory comes to mind.

Either that, or the Russians were going for a diversion.

Anything else would be just silly.