Please Vote Johnny Manziel for 2013 Heisman

Published on 17-Nov-2013 by Towner Park

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Please Vote Johnny Manziel for 2013 Heisman

If I was one of the panelists who decided which prolific collegiate star deserves to be the 2013 Heisman Trophy recipient, I would easily cast my vote for Johnny Manziel.

This vote certainly isn't a slight to Famous Jameis and/or Marcus Mariota. I firmly believe that Johnny Manziel, coming off a spectacular freshman season, where he single-handedly rejuvenated the Texas A&M program and won the 2013 Heisman, deserves to be the Heisman Trophy victor for the second consecutive season.

And here's why:

  1. He is by far the best player on one of the most exciting college football teams in the nation. He has, so far, led the Aggies to an eight-win season. The two losses are both against Top Ten teams -- Alabama and Auburn -- and both of those losses are by a combined 11 points.
  2. He shrugged off the off-field distractions and put together another spectacular season. So far, he has thrown 31 touchdown passes compared to a total of 26 for all of last year. His completion percentage is at an outrageous 73% and his quarterback rating to date is 186.9, which is 31 points higher than it was last year.
  3. His pocket presence has tremendously improved. His confidence in the pocket has drastically improved, also. His uncanny athleticism is still intact, but he doesn't feel as though he needs to beat his opponents with his legs anymore. Although that threat remains, he has taken the strides necessary to improve as a pocket passer. 
  4. The Aggies defense is dreadful. As of today, they are ranked 89th in the FBS, allowing a putrid 31 points per contest. If Johnny Manziel wasn't quarterbacking the Aggies, they wouldn't be 8-2. They might still be competitive, but Manziel is by far the best player on his team and the best player in the country. Bar none.

As a Florida State University fan, I would love to see Jameis Winston win the Heisman. Johnny Manziel set the standard for freshmen, and Winston will most definitely be a finalist, but Manziel deserves his second consecutive Heisman. He has evolved from an unbelievably talented athlete into a more-than-ready NFL QB. His transition from college-style to the NFL will remain a question mark until he decides to hang up his collegiate cleats -- and that may be sooner than later -- but as of today, he is my 2013 Heisman trophy winner.