Pitt Panics; Cancels Spring Game

Published on 5-Mar-2014 by Coach

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Pitt Panics; Cancels Spring Game

Prior planning prevents piss-poor preformance for Pitt.

This take on an old adage might speak well to the Pitt Panthers this offseason, as they have cancelled their Spring Game. The Pitt Panthers are coming off a 7-6 season, which includes a win in the nortorious Little Ceasars Bowl. 

While some places, like the University of Oregon -- where the only off-season public exposure is the Spring Game -- the Pitt Panthers are cancelling theirs "... in favor of giving more practice time to a young roster" according to ESPN.com.

While many may question this decision, I applaud it.

Head Coach Paul Chryst has a fairly young roster that has its share of bright spots but is riddled with unknowns. The nightmare of losing his first game as the Pittsburgh's head coach to FCS Youngstown State might still be haunting him; the Penguins torched the Panthers 31-17 at Heinz Field. Not to mention that the Panthers are currently set to start their 2014 season against FCS Delaware Fightin' Blue Hens (Joe Flacco's alma mater), which Chryst hopes will serve as a tune-up -- as opposed to a hard-fought game -- by a trip to Chestnut Hill to play Boston College. 

Chryst well understands that there's no time like the present to win and maintain your job. He obviously had his first run in the new ACC last season and faces a very managable schedule in 2014. Notably, that means not playing both Florida State and Clemson, the top two conference teams in the past two years. 

So as one of the few voices of support, I say good job, Coach Chryst!

You need all the help you can get in a season where you can win the Costal Division, and maybe even the ACC. Canning a traditional campus event that serves as a drawing card for alumni and program boosters for that extra practice may be the difference!

Or maybe not.

Pitt crowd at spring game