Pelini's Brother Caught in Drug Scandal at FAU

Published on 30-Oct-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Pelini's Brother Caught in Drug Scandal at FAU

In a shocking development out of the college football. Former Nebraska defensive coordinator Carl Pelini, the brother of Husker head coach Bo, has resigned as head football coach of Florida Atlantic.

Here is the startling part:

Pelini and an assistant are accused of using controlled substances. The reports out of Florida are that Pelini and his head defensive coordinator were at a party were pot was used. 

Pelini admitted to the athletic director Pat Chun that he did indeed inhale.

Offensive coordinator Bill Wright is now the Owls' head coach.

“It is a heartbreaking day for us all,” said Chun. I'll bet.

But it gets wilder. Police were reportedly on the scene of the FAU campus to take Pelini and the assistant away, but no arrests were made.

What do say when your head football coach is taken away by the police? They were just going for a chat?

As if his brother Bo needed for this story to come out. Bo is having his own problems at Nebraska, especially after losing to Minnesota. Now he has to answer questions about his brother using pot at a party.

But take a step back for a moment and get real about this situation. If you were the head coach of Florida Atlantic this year, you'd probably would be smoking pot, too.

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