Paterno's Family Set to Sue NCAA

Published on 30-May-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Paterno's Family Set to Sue NCAA

While Penn State University is trying its best to move on from the scandal that plagued their university two years ago, Joe Paterno's family can't seem to let go of him or his legacy.

The family has decided to file a lawsuit against the NCAA on the behalf -- they say -- of Penn State and, of course, the Paterno's.

As you all may recall, Paterno's judgment in the Jerry Sandusky case was called into question after it was found that Paterno, along with the university, allegedly allowed Sandusky to continue to work at the school despite the fact there was a report stating that Sandusky was molesting young boys.

The result of an investigation and report from former FBI director Louis Freeh culminated in NCAA sanctions and the firing of Paterno. The NCAA also took away 111 of Paterno's wins.

Wick Sollers, who is the Paterno's attorney, released a statement regarding the case, saying that the NCAA "acted in clear and direct violation of the organization's own rules based on a flawed report."

Did the Paterno's forget that PSU was the one who authorized this report and not the NCAA? Or the fact that even after it was "rumored" that Sandusky had molested these children that he was still allowed on the Penn State campus?

Let's get real here, this is not about Penn State, this about trying to restore Joe Paterno's reputation, which died along with him and nothing the Paterno's say or do will ever restore that.