Pac-12: Conference of Catches?

Published on 16-Oct-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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Pac-12: Conference of Catches?

They market themselves as the Conference of Champions.

And to be sure, with 478 titles among its member schools, the Pac-12 is all of that.

But they're also in any conversation when it comes to circus catches on the gridiron.

Stanford's Francis Owusu added one last night amidst the Cardinal's utter destruction of UCLA:

Comparing it to Alabama's Tyrone Prothro:

Maybe it's El Niño mixing with Chaos Theory. For whatever reason, wrap-around catches seem to be the Pac-12's thing this season.

Witness Washington's Brayden Lenius last weekend at USC:

They follow in the wake of catches like Kodi Whitfield against -- who else? -- UCLA back in 2013:

Of course, then there's any given day for California's corps of targets for Jared Goff:

Then there's Wazzu being Wazzu:

And the season's only at the halfway mark.

The way it's gone so far, if you're open on the Left Coast, you've got a shot to be a hero.