OU's Stoops Takes Shot at SEC

Published on 8-May-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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OU's Stoops Takes Shot at SEC

Any time a well known college football coach takes a shot or two at a program or a conference, you take notice.

Take for instance the shot that Oklahoma head football coach Bob Stoops fired at the SEC Tuesday.

Stoops said all this hype about the SEC and how good it is, is just propaganda on their part. 

"So you're listening to a lot of propaganda that gets fed out to you," he said. "You're more than smart enough to figure it out. Again, you can look at the top two, three, four, five, six teams, and you can look at the bottom six, seven, eight, whatever they are. How well are they all doing?

"What'd we (the Big 12) have, eight of ten teams in bowl games this year? Again, you figure it all out."

Who does Stoops think he is making those kind of comments, Steve Spurrier?

I didn't realize the true strength of the SEC was propaganda because the bottom of the league is not that good. I thought what mattered is that they have won six BCS titles in a row, but according to Stoops, that's not a true sign of conference dominance.

What matters, in the Gospel according to Stoops, is the bottom feeders of the league. Over the years, hasn't OU made a killing off the doormats of the Big 12 like Kansas, Baylor, and -- recently -- Texas, which has fallen on hard times?

As I recall, the last time the Sooners were in the national championship game, they were housed by -- if memory serves me correctly, and I know it does -- Florida, 24-14. The Sooners also lost to LSU in another BCS title game, 21-14, not to mention being humiliated by their former Big 12 brethren Texas A&M, 41-13, in the Cotton Bowl back in January.

It's understandable why Stoops is bitter. In some circles, he was known as 'Big Game Bob' because it seemed like every time you turned around, Stoops and the Sooners were in the BCS title game. Nowadays, the Oklahoma is lucky to even get an invite to the Cotton Bowl.

My, have the mighty have fallen! So, forgive Bob Stoops if he feels a little SEC fatigue. He has his reasons.

It's called keeping up with them.