Orange Bowl: Who Will Wonder What Might've Been?

Published on 30-Dec-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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Orange Bowl: Who Will Wonder What Might've Been?

Michigan vs Florida State is a marquée matchup in the worst of times.

In a way, this could be one of those.

A play here an there, and this could've been played tomorrow as one of the CFP semi-finals.

But if ifs and wishes were cuddles and kisses, they'd never be sleeping alone.

Whether or not anyone else thought Michigan deserved to be in the playoffs this season, they did.

Jim Harbaugh's crew posted an impressive 10-2 season, but there's no question they faded at the end. The Wolverines lost two of their last three; dropping a two-overtime thriller at the Horseshoe was valiant but mistake-prone, and looking impotent at Iowa was downright vanilla.

Florida State will have no sympathy.

It was a wide-right kinda year for the Seminoles, without the wide right.

Dudes got ambushed in Louisville and then got victory swooshed away in the waning moments against Clemson after they thought they'd done enough to win:

And the North Carolina game? No words.

So, with all that in mind, a quick look at the Bovada data tool on our Home page shows a Wolverines +7 line. Interesting.

Bovada Michigan vs Florida State

The 'Noles wrapped their regular-season campaign with four straight victories, as opposed to the Wolverines' stagger to the finish line. Michigan slinger Wilton Speight has allegedly put his struggles behind him. Dalvin Cook, however, becomes a bowl hero merely by showing up to play in it.

Advantage to Florida State in star power and big-game potential.

Both defenses are at full strength and will probably show it. That's likely a wash in every aspect but the Wolverines' challenge in containing Cook.

As to intangibles, the Seminoles' playoff hopes were dashed earlier in the year than Michigan's, so there was more time to re-set priorities and gear up for the Orange Bowl.

The Wolverines may have made more headlines, but at this stage of the season, they're not a touchdown better than Florida State.

Prediction: Florida State +7

Result: Florida State 33 Michigan 32 ... Seminoles cover