One Man's Plea to Be Anti-SEC

Published on 2-Dec-2013 by Towner Park

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One Man's Plea to Be Anti-SEC

It's true and I'm fully aware  of it.

The SEC is by far the best conference in the country.

I'm not about to discredit what the SEC is or has become. This isn't a smear campaign by any means. I'm simply going to state that if Florida State and Ohio State win their respected conference championship games, then regardless of who wins the SEC, those two teams should be playing for the national championship in Pasadena.

The Seminoles and Buckeyes are the only two major programs in the country that are undefeated headed into championship weekend.

*Sorry, Northern Illinois fans. You may be undefeated and you may be a BCS buster, but your conference is the second weakest in the country, and you don't deserve a shot at the title. Remember last year?

The bottom line is that if Florida State and Ohio State are victorious, they should face one another in the BCS Championship game. If you deny either one of them that opportunity, you're basically implying that the SEC, as a whole, supersedes every other program and a one-loss SEC team is more deserving of a title shot than two outstanding collegiate programs who have regained their confidence and put together one hell of a season to date.

Given the recent BCS standings, if the Noles beat Duke -- which they should, given that they're 29-point favorites -- they're in. I think they're safe regardless of what happens in the other conference championship games.

Ohio State has a seemingly more difficult path, although it should be crystal clear that the Buckeyes are more deserving to play for the title if they defeat Michigan State.

To go undefeated in college football is one of the most difficult tasks to complete. Even with cupcakes frequently dotting some contenders' schedules.

Regardless of whether or not the prognosticators consider the Big Ten to be 'down' this year, Ohio State has beaten everyone on its schedule thus far. Beating Michigan at Ann Arbor is quite the accomplishment, given the nature of their rivalry. Beating Wisconsin is never an easy task, given the unrelenting punishment the Badgers release on their opponents with their powerful running game.

This shouldn't be about the SEC and the influential aura it exudes. Yes, the SEC has three formidable opponents, but each of them has a loss. If you put a one-loss SEC team ahead of say, an Ohio State, you're basically applying the notion of favoritism to a conference that isn't deserving of that type of treatment. This should be a level playing field, especially among the major NCAA conferences.

If that happens, then the four-team playoff system couldn't come soon enough. As a fan, I would feel robbed. Two undefeated teams deserve the right to play for the national championship.