Ole Miss Recruit Says Rebels Racist

Published on 25-Jun-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Ole Miss Recruit Says Rebels Racist

As successful as the Ole Miss Rebels have been this past season in recruiting, they still can't escape one thing.


And it doesn't help when the guy the Rebs are currently recruiting accuses them of racism, but that's what five-star recruit Marlon Humphrey put out there on Twitter after he said he'd made an unofficial visit to the Oxford campus.

"Ole Miss is racist haha."

OK, so what's so "haha" about racism? Does he mean what he said, or is he tossing around loaded words like penny candy?

Humphrey tried to apologize somewhat, but he just made things worse.

“I’m sorry people y’all ain’t racist, y’all just have KKK marches every month,” he reportedly said.

Humphrey wasn't the only Mississippi athlete who's called out Ole Miss recently. Southern Mississippi wide receiver Justin Burdette chimed in and agreed with Humphrey via Twitter.

"for someone who played in Mississippi ... I agree ole miss is racist."

Humphrey tried to backtrack by saying later that “This tweet is to the Ole Miss Coaching Staff and the Ole Miss Family, “I have not been on your campus as a recruit. I have not felt any racism from anyone on your campus. I am sorry for misleading anyone in thinking that there is any racism coming from the Ole Miss family."

Humphrey also said this was supposed to be a joke, but I doubt Rebels head coach Hugh Freeze and company are laughing.

I also doubt the Rebels will stop recruting the kid, too.



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