Ole Miss Players in Trouble for Gay Slurs

Published on 3-Oct-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Ole Miss Players in Trouble for Gay Slurs

As if Ole Miss head coach Hugh Freeze needed more distractions this week, reports out of Oxford are that several Rebel players were heckling actors in a play about openly gay student Matthew Shepard, who was killed back in 1998

According to the school's newspaper the The Daily Mississippian:

According to the play's director and theater faculty member, Rory Ledbetter, some audience members used derogatory slurs like "fag" and heckled both cast members and the characters they were portraying for their body types and sexual orientations. Ledbetter said the audience's reactions included "borderline hate speech."

The paper also said that the players weren't the only one's hecklering the actors and that the players were made to apologize later for their actions. Hugh Freeze later issued a statement through Twitter in part apologizing for his team as well. 

Ole Miss players in trouble

You would think after what happened last week with Bo Wallace, Ole Miss players would learn to keep their mouths shut.

Apparently, instead of taking theater classes, they need to take diversity courses.