Oklahoma State Cheerleader to be Disciplined for End of Game Actions

Published on 11-Dec-2013 by Raoul Duke

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Oklahoma State Cheerleader to be Disciplined for End of Game Actions

So this is why they call it the Bedlam game. It is complete anarchy.

After Oklahoma scored a meaningless defensive touchdown on the final play of the game in Stillwater against Oklahoma State on Saturday, an enterprising male cheerleader for the Cowboys decided enough was enough. He stood watching the Sooners celebrate the score and felt something needed to be done to restore order and sanity in his fragile world.

As Sooner Erik Striker, who was brazen enough to score a touchdown in the first place, ran near the back of the end zone, this bold male cheerleader took a stand against reasonable thought and stuck his foot out in an apparent effort to trip the unsuspecting player.


Ah, what great fun!

This clever ruse was ultimately unsuccessful and Striker was able to escape the clutches of the male cheerleader unharmed.

Oklahoma State issued a statement indicating some sort of discipline would be meted out to this innovative male cheerleader. Deputy athletic director Dave Martin stated the university was certainly not a fan of this type of activity and that the wacky prankster would see ''consequences for his poor judgment and actions.''

For his part, the male leader of cheers denied any sinister intent, suggesting he stuck his foot out only as a mocking gesture.

Of course he did.

We can only hope to one day understand the machinations of such a brilliant mind and thereby fully embrace the genius within.