Ohio State President to Step Down in July

Published on 4-Jun-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Ohio State President to Step Down in July

Raise your hand if you didn't see this coming.

Ohio State President E Gordon Gee will retire in July, according to published reports.

Gee's retirement comes after he blasted the SEC, Notre Dame, and called new Arkansas head coach football Brett Bielema (who left Wisconsin to take the Hog gig) a "thug."

“Without question, the university has achieved remarkable success, and it has been my honor and calling to lead it,” Gee’s e-mail says. “Ohio State is well-positioned for the future. I love this university, and my relationship with it will continue.”

He missed a The in there. How soon they decompress!

This was Gee's second term as OSU president. He served from 1990-97 and from 2007 until now. 

You can't offend a large group like Catholics and/or embarrass the school for which you work and still expect to keep your job. Catholics are not just Notre Dame fans, they probably contribute huge amounts of money to schools that start with The, too, and they probably threatened not to keep doing so if Gee continued on as school president.

So, my guess is the board of trustees of The Ohio State University told Gee, either you retire and take your benefits with you, or suffer the embarrassment of being fired.

Gee obviously didn't choose the latter.

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