Off the Hook: Winston Won't Be Charged

Published on 5-Dec-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Off the Hook: Winston Won't Be Charged

A decision has been made in the Jameis Winston case.

According to reports, state attorney Willie Meggs' office said there is not enough information to charge the Florida State quarterback with sexual assault charges.

So, it's full speed ahead for the Noles' award-winning freshman, with the immediate focus being on the 20th-ranked miracle Dookies in the ACC Championship game this weekend.

Meggs was surely aware of what happened to the prosecutor who jumped the gun in the Duke lacrosse sexual assault case. He clearly didn't want to go down the path of pursuing a conviction where he deemed to be probable rather than definite.

Heisman ballots are due at the Downtown Athletic Club in New York City this coming Monday. As this incident is now, essentially, a Girls Gone Wild episode amped by TMZ after a Tampa newspaper reporter asked Tallahassee officials why the complaint was in limbo, the voters now need to decide if they should judge Winston on off-the-field antics that had no pending legal ramifications.

Do know, though, that if new evidence ever surfaces that that state prosecutor Willie Meggs deems substantial, charges may be filed at a later date. While this occurs on occasion, the chances of this happening here are remote.

Winston was accused of rape last year, but it took several months before the case was even brought to the attention of the state prosecutor.

Winston's DNA was found on the young lady's intimate apparel. However, there were traces of a second male's DNA, as well, which was determined to be her boyfriend. It raised the touchy topic that the boyfriend did not know Winston.

It emerged that the complaintant hooked up with Winston and others during a night of drinking, but can't totally recall all the details. She claims she tried to fight off Winston's advances and that another man at the scene told him to stop, but she wound up in the bathroom with him anyway and the deed was done.

However, she cannot recall the exact location where this all took place.

She remembers being dressed by Winston afterward, getting on the back of a scooter, and being dropped off at an intersection. Meanwhile, toxicology reports indicated there was only a trace of alcohol in her system and no evidence of date rape drugs. The lab extrapolated the alcohol data back to the time of the actual incident, which resulted in a reading estimate of 0.10; as a frame of reference, this would have put her over the legal limit for a DUI (0.08).

Seminoles fans will be anxious to put this episode behind them. Winston can breathe a sigh of relief.

The girl?

She probably hopes to remain anonymous so she can begin to resume her life elsewhere.

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