Notre Dame's Kelly Hopes Quarterback Will Be Back Next Year

Published on 29-May-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Notre Dame's Kelly Hopes Quarterback Will Be Back Next Year

Days after star quarterback Everett Golson was kicked out of school for academic reasons, Notre Dame head coach Brian Kelly is finally speaking out about Golson and his future with the program.

Kelly thinks Golson could come back next year and play for the Irish.

"In my conversations with Everett and his family, whatever he needs to do, he's going to do it to get himself an opportunity to be considered back here at Notre Dame," Kelly said.

"I think he started in my eyes by accepting responsibility," he said. "Once you accept responsibility and follow through on what is asked of you month after month, that's all I need to see from Everett. He doesn't have to show me anything other than making sure he took responsibility for his actions, which he did, and understand that he made a mistake and he wants to atone for it. If the university allows him back in school, that will be enough for him to be back on the team."

Doesn't Kelly sound like Les Miles from last year after Tyrann Mathieu when he was kicked off the team for drugs? He was optimistic, too, about Mathieu returning. We saw how that turned out. 

Golson may not have to show Kelly anything. I doubt his professors at Notre Dame feel the same way.

Meanwhile, under the watchful eyes of Touchdown Jesus, the beat goes on.