North Dakota State Avoids an Upset by Iowa

Published on 18-Sep-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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North Dakota State Avoids an Upset by Iowa

That's six FBS conquests in a row now for the Bison.

It's safe to say North Dakota State is cutting a swath through the Great Plains -- and neighboring regions -- like their mascot used to do before big money and technology put a dent in their territory.

But Bison are resilient.

Well, these dudes are doing a decent reclamation job. With 20 fewer scholarships.

Here's what really cool: State's making money while continuing to make a national name for itself.

Check this list:

  • 2010: the Bison bopped Kansas, 6-3, and pocketed $375,000 in appearance money;
  • 2011: they outplayed Minnesota, 37-24, and hauled in $350,000;
  • 2012: dudes dropped Colorado State, 22-7, and didn't mind the $250,000 or the view in Ft Collins;
  • 2013: they got the best of Bill Snyder and Kansas State, 24-21, and banked $350,000;
  • 2014: they took their turn in drubbing Iowa State, 34-14, and got $350,000 for their efforts; and now
  • 2016: State hit the double jackpot with its 23-31 victory over Iowa and cashing a cool $500,000.

That totals $2.175million. Talk about being the NCAA's version of Robin Hood!

Not only have the Bison claimed victories over five FBS foes, they've got a five-year streak of FCS championships to defend.

Among the challengers:

The Bison beat Jax State in the real NCAA Division I championship game last year.

The next shot they'll get at an FBS opponent is 2020 at Oregon. Long way away. It remains to be seen if the Ducks will still be good.

North Dakota State likely will be.