No Surprise: Texas Regent Talked to Saban's Agent

Published on 19-Sep-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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No Surprise: Texas Regent Talked to Saban's Agent

For months -- or years, for that matter -- rumors have been circulating that Texas officials would be interested in Alabama head coach Nick Saban if Mack Brown was fired or retired.

Well, the Associated Press confirmed that such a meeting took place between  with the University of Texas Regent Wallace Hall -- who's on a bit of a hot seat, himself -- and Saban's agent Jimmy Sexton.

The meeting took place, according to the report, right after the BCS Championship game in January.

A few days later, Brown met with former Texas Regent Tom Hicks, and Hicks -- whose sports empire's collapse can be traced to his signing Alex Rodriguez to that ridiculous contract when he owned the Texas Rangers -- asked the Longhorns coach if he was ready to retire. Brown said no, and the matter was dropped.

No one knows who initiated the contact first. Sexton didn't return the calls to the AP and neither did a spokesman from Alabama.

But it shouldn't be too much of a shock. Saban said recently that he had been contacted by several teams about becoming their next head coach, and this rumor is not a new one.

Texas badly wants Saban, and they are going to throw everything and the kitchen sink at him to get him.

But it looks like, at least for now, that Mack Brown is not having any of it and says he plans to coach until the end of his contract, which is not up until 2020.

Don't be shocked, though, that now that this story has come out, that Saban gets a contract extension and more money at the end of the season to keep the Longhorns or any other team at bay.

And in the end, that may be all that comes out of this. No matter what, it's good to be Nick Saban right now.