NFL GM: McCarron Similar to Tom Brady

Published on 2-Dec-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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NFL GM: McCarron Similar to Tom Brady

Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron might have lessened his Heisman chances after the loss at Auburn, but it didn't hurt his professional prospects.

One NFL general manager even compared him to Tom Brady. Yes, Tom Brady.

Here are his comments:

"Good size, outstanding touch on all throws, can make all the throws but only has average arm strength. Average running ability but very good feet and movement in the pocket to avoid sacks. Outstanding progression-read quarterback, makes throws to his second and third reads consistently. Doesn't turn the ball over. Winner. Mentally tough. Has the moxie and cockiness most great QBs have. Very similar to Tom Brady in stature, athletic ability, arm strength, touch and the most important category -- wins."

As I've mentioned before, I'm always on Twitter and it's amazing to me how little my media brethren think of McCarron's abilities. But then again no one thought much of Tom Brady when he came out of college. Joe Montana had a reputation at Nôtre Dame for engineering comebacks, but he was still considered to have much to prove when he advanced to the NFL.

Neither of those dudes had strong arms, supposedly, but they could get it downfield when necessary, and they're winners. That's a hell of a lot more consistent and impressive than making Brett Favre-like plays, which a certain quarterback out of College Station seems to do.