New Texas Coach Wants to Play A&M

Published on 24-Jul-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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New Texas Coach Wants to Play A&M

Give Texas coach Charlie Strong credit. He isn't afraid to speak his mind.

The Longhorns head coach made it perfectly clear that he wants the series with Texas A&M to return.

Strong told yesterday, "At some point it needs to happen. We need to play them."

But according to the Texas athletic director Steve Patterson, don't hold your breath.

I think the reality for us is A&M made a choice they felt was best for them to move to the SEC.

Then came the weasel words:

That's great for them. They've leveraged that well. For us, there has to be a real business or branding case made to play anybody that we play with our football games given the way our schedule is structured, playing Oklahoma every year in Dallas. Unless there really is a compelling business or branding reason, I see a hard time renewing that rivalry in football.

Translation: We're scared to play them right now because they're better than us.

Say hello to the best team in the state:

Unless, of course, this is the best team in the state:

I give Strong credit for wanting to face his rival and not being afraid, even if he's saying it to head off the inevitable questions on the recruiting trail.

Trust me when I say if Texas gets better the next couple of years and A&M slides a little, Patterson will be one of the first ones advocating that the two play again. Not playing A&M is hurting the Longhorns.

As I alluded above, the Aggies are not only winning the battle on the field but off it, as well. The bump A&M got from joining the SEC has made the rest of the Big XII nervous. Ask Bob Stoops.

One major effect of the Aggies switching conferences is it's hurt Big XII recruiting, opening the door for the rest of the SEC to come in and cherry pick players who would normally go to the Sooners or 'Horns. And you wonder why Texas won't play A&M? Fear.

Recall Machiavelli's advice? It's never gone outta style.

If Texas wants to keep up with their enemy, they need to play them to prove they're still relevant. Until then, Strong is a lone 'Horn voice in the Lone Star state.