NCAA Week 9: Good Snark, Bad Snark

Published on 2-Nov-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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NCAA Week 9: Good Snark, Bad Snark

It's great to see USC athletic director Pat Haden thinking of others.

Dude's saving the kajillionaire College Football Playoff machine lotsa singles by withdrawing as a selector. Health issues, he says, but it's worse than that.

Like the fact that the Trojans' chances of making the Featured Four on New Year's Eve are DOA.

So, now what's he gonna do for exercise? And that's impartial exercise, of course.

Looks like the committee will just expense-account their way through the next month or so without him, surely drawing admiration for their resolve from grateful FBS members all the way from New Mexico State to Wake Forest.

Let's see who else needs a hug these days:

Good Snark: Sober Sidelines ... Turn USC's sideline into a Gatorade-only zone, and look what happens:

The teeTroytallers have now bounced two worthy foes -- they dropped Utah from the unbeaten ranks the week before -- since Steve Sarkisian got 86'ed.

Bad Snark: Putting the See back in ACC ... What in the name of Sightless Mice was that officiating crew doing down in Durham? Did they think that, after hitting the Hurricanes with a team-record 23 penalties in the game, they needed one massive make-up call?

Like nine minutes of review. It would've been better spent with James Robbins.

The good news is now they have that much time. And more. Meanwhile, they've inspired youth from coast to coast:

blind ref costume

Good Snark: What Can Brown Do for You? ... Wanna know why no one felt like catching this dude?

His nickname's Poop. At a rate of five times a day. Never know when he's gonna go all the way. 

Bad Snark: Learn from History, Huskers ... Save a thought for the college powers of old. Chicago. Holy Cross. Army. Nebraska.

Last year, the Cornhuskers fired Bo Pelini for only winning nine games a season, and it wasn't the first time:

Déjà vu, dudes?

Good Snark: Woodstock West ... Well, what is so funny about peace, love, and understanding?

The ball splits the uprights, and Washington State has Rose Bowl fantasies. It doesn't, and Stanford's still standing in the CFP scheme of things.

Incidentally, as with the famous 1969 lovefest, it rained in Pullman, too.

Bad Snark: =IF(4>3, 6, " ") ... Utah State gets spreadsheets. Wyoming should.

[The Cowboys] used a strange punt formation, basically leaving three blockers to fend for themselves against four Utah State rushers.

The Aggies blocked the punt and recovered it in the end zone.

“I think the blocked punt had a huge impact,” [Wyoming coach Craig] Bohl said. “That’s something we’ll learn from also.”

Like, say, that there's safety in numbers, dude.

Good Snark: It's Called Football, Dammit ... Every once in a while, truth in branding rears its stealthy head. This was one of those times, and New Mexico State's 17-game nightmare ended:

Bad Snark: Triple-Digit Over/Unders ... It's not even news anymore that Big XII gridders score more than their hoopsters, and it was more of the same on Halloween when Oklahoma State outshot Texas Tech, 70-53.

Really. How do you post 53 points and lose?

Rhetorical question. While Baylor's waiting to play someone who matters, they've put up over 60 in five of seven games. TCU's lagging by scoring a measly 50 points in five of seven. Oklahoma's done 50 in four of eight.

To hell with the CFP. This region's ripe for Aussie Rules:

Final: Collingwood 114 Adelaide 109. Odds are Briles, Peterson, and Stoops will match it sooner or later.

Sidebar: Stanford's lucky Wazzu didn't find that dude to recruit him.

Snarkalicious: Cyclone Force ... Damn. A tweak here and there -- meth-free context, as always -- and look what happens in Ames. Paul Rhoads ditches OC Mark Mangino, starts backup QB Joel Lanning, and turns up the heat on Charlie Strong.

Longhorn Network this:

First time at home. Second time ever. It's not just the CFP that dishes out happiness in this game.