NCAA Week 8: Good Snark, Bad Snark

Published on 26-Oct-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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NCAA Week 8: Good Snark, Bad Snark

This was one of those sneaky weekends that pop up with entertaining frequency during the college football season.

Unfortunately, there was also tragedy involved, which is beyond the scope of a snarky site like The Daily Player. Suffice it to say that there's never an excuse for stupid human judgment when the safety of others is jeopardized.

However, when the occasion is a celebration of human foibles on or near any sporting activity, then this is the right place.

Good Snark: A Booze-Free Sideline Pays Off ... There's just something fitting about being all teetotaled when Utah comes to town. It worked for USC:

The Utes drop to 3-1 in the Pac-12 South, a single game above the 2-2 crowd of USC, UCLA, and Arizona State. Prediction: the winners will confine themselves to Gatorade showers.

Bad Snark: Just Say No to Excessive Reps ... Isn't the CFP committee supposed to be unimpressed by running up scores? Rhetorical question, of course. But Baylor QB Seth Russell's neck vertabrae are far from rhetorical.

With six-minutes-and-change left in the game against Iowa State -- Iowa State! -- and the Bears comfortably ahead, 38-20, there was no justifiable reason for Russell to be in there.

Prized freshman QB Jarrett Stidham now gets the business end of Baylor's schedule. Sure hope he got a steady diet of reps in practice so far this season. Dude did lead a late TD drive against the Cyclones, which probably looked familiar to him, ie- eerily similar to the Bears' scout team.

Good Snark: Ramblin' through the Wreckage ... To be sure, field goal attempts from the next area code provide a dynamic scoring opportunity. Just ask Auburn two years ago and now, Georgia Tech this past weekend:

Almost as funky as Sparty's freak game-ending victory last weekend. But low-trajectory long kicks have a higher DefCon level than Aussie punters' footy reactions to fumbles.

Bad Snark: Golden Egg ... As in he who lays one. Loved the tie, Al. Bummer it was too tight. And that's no yolk.

Good Snark: Hoosier Ducky? ... Michigan State LB Jon Reschke on Indiana's offense:

These guys are better than Oregon in my opinion. They were faster. They had simple plays, but they did it at such a high speed and high intensity.

Maybe the Duck shipped his spawn to Bloomington.

Now, if someone could only hatch a defense there.

Bad Snark: Jeerleading ... As if the cowbell crowd needs any help sticking it to Mississippi State opponents:

Miss State cheerleader taunts Kentucky player

The Bulldog coach burying his face in his hands could be Ben Howland. Just another reason for Calipari's crew to pour it on.

Good Snark: Washington on Husky Crime ... Josh Garnett is the scion of former Washington Husky stalwart Scott Garnett who was born and raised in Puyallup, outside of Tacoma. Like his fellow Cardinal linemen, he interns as a Transformer, and when he plays the hometown school, he puts a little extra in his game.

Dude's No 51:

Bad Snark: Block, Squawk, Jayhawk ... Speaking of fan bases counting the days until hoops season:

Snarkalicious: Bayou Boogaloo ... If any school knows weather, it's LSU. The remnants of Hurricane Patricia damn near turned Death Valley into Swamp West on Saturday, but it just gave the cheerleaders a shot at new moves, not to mention a certain record-setting RB working on his Heisman Shuffle:

It'll play well in the Big Apple when the hardware's handed out.