NCAA Week 7: Good Snark, Bad Snark

Published on 17-Oct-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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NCAA Week 7: Good Snark, Bad Snark

So, now Clemson isn't as good as Michigan because it dodged an NC State bullet while Jim Harbaugh was announcing a high school homecoming queen.

Sure. Why not?

Not so long ago, glares from ivory-towered eyes burned through anyone who compared college football scores to the point spreads.

Now, denials to the contrary be damned, how a team wins is a factor in making the brackets.

The Tigers now get an extra week to figure out how to hold on to a football, while alleged No 5 Washington probably touches down in Corvallis as Oregon's second tornado in a week.

The Huskies put 70 on the board in Eugene. If they lay a 100-point pipe on Oregon State, will that make them better than an idle Clemson?

Could Chris Petersen's crew be that heartless? Does a Sasquatch use air freshener in the woods?

Good Snark: They won, dammit ... Perhaps Clemson was looking yonder at Florida State before realizing the Wolfpack can do more than just make Vegas happy.

NC State against the spread

With North Carolina notching victories over both Miami and Florida State in the same season for the first time ever, any win in the ACC -- no matter how -- should be sufficient in itself as an accomplishment.

Bad Snark: Charity begins at home, dammit ... Despite five turnovers at home against Louisville, the bikini-&-sash crowd still had Clemson as the alleged No 3 in the country. The Tigers handed it over four more times against NC State, which was four more than Michigan did last weekend.

That must've been it.

Good Snark: Go West, young Bulldog ... In a rare non-con SEC sighting west of the Mississip, the dudes from Starkville fulfilled their half of a home-&-home deal with BYU and did their conference proud among the Wasatch shadows.

Sometimes proud doesn't mean a team prevailed. But what the hell was a Cougar tight end doing behind the QB on that fumble? Did Tim Tebow touch that dude before the snap, or what?

Bad Snark: The ultimate deflector call ... How dare Urban Meyer stand on his own sideline!

Good Snark: Flail Mary ... Nebraska's Brandon Reilly's still living forever via his viral moment of fame. Indiana's still knocking on the Big Ten door as the proverbial straight men in acts like this:

Bad Snark: Mildcats no more ... Not for this week, anyway. Northwestern's nostalgic tour down Ineptitude Lane -- where so much of their history was made, but not all -- took a break to put a hurtin' on Michigan State like Sparty has never felt before:

No way this was a trap game for State; they've got Maryland next. Besides, no three-loss team can look past anyone. Now, they're 2-4, and with road losses to Indiana and BYU, the Spartans are only 36 straight defeats off the pace being set by Kansas.

Good Snark: Oh what a day! What a lovely day! ... Vanderbilt wins an SEC game on the road for the first time since November 2013. Even though it was Homecoming at Georgia, Jim Harbaugh was nowhere to be seen. Neither was Mark Richt, so there goes that excuse; besides, he was busy leading his alma mater to another loss.

Bad Snark: sss ... Wanna see why Darrell Hazell got canned at Purdue?

Note to Boilermakers: It's where the ball is, dudes. First down on the half-yard line. First game for the interim coach next week.

Snarkalicious: Meet the real Carlos Danger ... Louisiana Tech's Carlos Henderson must have blisters on his fingers after this past weekend's 12-catch, 320-yard, 5-TD performance.

Quite a day, even if it was against UMass.

And the Techsters covered. That's more important, apparently.