NCAA Week 7: Good Snark, Bad Snark

Published on 19-Oct-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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NCAA Week 7: Good Snark, Bad Snark

Consensus has it that ol' Bill Shakespeare had a way with words.

No doubt at least one snippet of them would've fit a number of actors on the NCAA's Week 7 stage:

O, grief hath changed me since you saw me last,
And careful hours with Time's deformed hand
Have written strange defeatures in my face.

Fittingly, that passage is from A Comedy of Errors, the plot of which is no less convoluted that what the CFP playoff picture looks like right now.

Don't know if the CFP Committee will see it that way, but the rest of us are sorta banking on it.

How else will the brackets expand to eight teams, tout suite?

In the meantime, take it, Bill:

Good Snark: I to the world am like a drop of water ... Well, the drop part, anyway. It kept Michigan State undefeated.

Would you like to add a touch of Macbeth to the proceedings, Coach Harbaugh?

Bad Snark: And now let's go hand in hand, not one before another ... Turns out, the rules say only one pick-six at a time, but it's the thought among Alabama CB's that counts:

Good Snark: I'll entertain the offered fallacy ... When wacky Les Miles is roaming the other sideline, damn right you will.

Bad Snark: Known unto these, and to myself disguised ... What in the world possessed OSU to look like the other OSU from previous seasons?

Good Snark: Am I in earth, in heaven, or in hell? Sleeping or waking, mad or well-advised? ... After mechanical failures to its charter plane and two replacements, Bob Stoops and his Sooners were probably ready to get out and run the old wishbone all the way to the Little Apple.

It might've got them there quicker than the eight hours it took to find a plane that worked. And they might've been just as mad, too:

Bad Snark: He that commends me to mine own content commends me to the thing I cannot get ... It all began so well for Florida's former slinger Jeff Driskel against his old conference:

And then Mississippi State went cowbell, racking up 35 points on Louisiana Tech mistakes like this fourth-quarter coup de grace:

Snarkalicious: Since mine own doors refuse to entertain me, I'll knock elsewhere, to see if they'll disdain me ... 60,000 fans crowded into the Liberty Bowl, and most of them had a happy afternoon:

The American Athletic Conference is acquitting itself quite well so far.

What with Houston and Temple ripping through their schedules along with Memphis, it could set its sights on higher goals come December. Especially if the Owls upset Notre Dame. That'd ramp 'em to a Macbeth level:

It's a fine line, dudes.

Yet this my comfort: when your words are done,
My woes end likewise with the evening sun.