NCAA Week 6: Good Snark, Bad Snark

Published on 10-Oct-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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NCAA Week 6: Good Snark, Bad Snark

We're one week closer to the time when the College Football Playoff selectors begin gathering in their cushy suburban Dallas conference room and passed judgment from on high.

Thankfully, this hallowed ritual doesn't happen until Week 9.

Getting the same old, same old for half a season was getting monotonous.

It's also redundant, as the simultaneously released Daily Player 12 will continue to show until such time that only conference champions will fill the brackets.

Daily Player 12

Yes, indeed. The Selectors aren't the only ones who can be obvious.

Good Snark: Our nation is safe ... As long as we're not talking about Cougar Nation, that is. Houston got a taste of well-drilled maneuvers and, as a result, will do what Other Five conference teams do in the post-season: watch the playoffs on TV and try to hold on to their hot-property coach du jour.

Meanwhile, the Midshipmen are an inspiration to us all. Some more than others.

Bad Snark: Radio silence ... In response to some East Carolina marching band members doing that kneeling thing, one radio station carrying the Pirates' games pulled the plug this week in protest of their protest.

The irony would be rich if it wasn't so empty. The USA is about so many things, but stifling dissent isn't one of them.

Good Snark: Utes thrive with Huskies' surplus chucker ... Utah's 5-1 and in the thick of the muddled Pac-12 South race. Much of the credit goes to QB Troy Williams, a casualty of Chris Petersen's embarassment of recruiting riches at Washington. But the dude's definitely Pac-12 caliber, as USC discovered a couple of weeks ago:

Why feature Williams now instead of then?

Dunno. Ask Oregon's free-agent recruiters.

Bad Snark: They have met the enemy, and it is them ... Kansas is everybody's trap game, and it almost bit TCU in their horny-toad patootie. Again. The Jayhawks were sooo close to that elusive Big XII win, but three INT's and two missed FG's in crunch time put paid to that dream.

Dudes are showing pluck, though:

Good Snark: Tyler must've been the piece of glass ... And USC's slinger Sam Darnold was the bottle cap in this nostalgic tribute to playground football:

Bad Snark: On second thought, do look back ... Maybe Satchel Paige didn't want to know who was gaining on him, but Texas A&M's Trayveon Williams should've:

Props to Volunteer CB Darrel Taylor for the effort. On the other side, someone oughta explain to Williams the difference between a victory move and end zone glory.

Still, the Aggies prevailed in overtime.

Good Snark: It's not whether you win or lose ... Yes it is. But damn, Tennessee definitely entertained the crowd on the way to its first loss of the season:

Yo, Aggies! What's the first clue something's up when a QB takes a walk without a dog or the ball?

And pay more attention in the video room next time. Does this play from last season look familiar?

Bad Snark: Wide left hand ... This one's for Bobby Bowden's epitaph. Just when it looked like Miami was gonna tie Florida State and send it into an uncertain overtime, the fickle fingers of fate reached out:

Snarkalicious: The Swamp Fox lives ... Sure, Francis Marion did his bit to win the American Revolution in South Carolina, but Hurricane Matthew clearly blew some of his karma northward.

Along with a bit of moisture. And who doesn't like to watch a slushfest every now and then, beside Brian Kelly and Notre Dame?

That'll warm our cockles while we wait for a snow bowl, which is even more fun to watch.