NCAA Week 3: Good Snark, Bad Snark

Published on 21-Sep-2015 by Alan Adamsson

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NCAA Week 3: Good Snark, Bad Snark

To absolutely no studied fan's surprise, this much is known about the NCAA season to date:

There is no No 1 team.

The usual contenders and pretenders are front and center, of course, because those are the ones that funnel interest in the early going. But each one has shown flaws of various degrees, confirming that its student-athletes still have lots to learn.

Good Snark: Doing What Jacksonville State Didn't ... All fans in the collision sport community should pay homage to that plucky troupe from customary tomato can Japan who shocked the world by knocking off South Africa in the Rugby World Cup.

Picking it up in time added on:

Even in French, that's an 11 on the Upset Scale, right up there with Buster Douglas and Roberta Vinci.

It's why those fans are crying with joy, which trumps cheering on occasions like this. Of course, Japanese cry with joy when consuming snake piss soup, and well they should; that stuff goes for $4000 a bowl.

So maybe those weeping fans just won a bet or something.

Bad Snark: Shoulda Sent Jax St to LSU Instead ... Auburn can barely stop the Gamecocks -- the good ones, as opposed to this crew -- and they thought they could contain Leonard Fournette? Frankly, their team bus couldn't have impeded him.

When the Tigers hired Bill Muschamp as DC, they probably didn't realize he was bringing the Florida defense with him. Could be a looonng year down on the Plains.

Good Snark: The Sensational Frosh QB du Jour ... Seems like Young Chuckers is gonna be a recurrying story line in 2015.

First, it was UCLA's Josh Rosen, destined to save the world and win the Pac-12 before reminding all that he's still got work to do. Then there was BYU's Miracle Mangum, who looked to be on a pre-mission mission. And with Notre Dame's Malik Zaire down for the count, all DeShone Kizer is expected to do is not screw it up.

All of which leads to the Pacific Northwest, where Chris Petersen may have found Kellen Moore v2.0:

Like Rosen and a host of others, Jake Browning has likely been attending QB camps since the time he could pick up a football without getting a hernia. These kids have been breaking down video and perfecting pass assortments for years before they step on a college field. It's hardly a surprise that more and more of them are ready from Day One.

Bad Snark: Hogs' Sked Softens Up ... Now that Bret Bielema & Crew have run that UTEP-Toledo-GQ Tech gauntlet, they can finally take a breath and get back to fullback football, the way God and/or Nick Saban intended. Kliff Kingsbury, for one, is glad for him:

Bielema v Kingsbury tweet

No doubt Razorback Nation figures Bielema's a little late with this concept, as the horses are already out of the barn. Frankly, they've been roaming free for some time, now.

Rest assured, Hogs fans, the team's scheduled wisely, drawing upon that time-honored SEC tactic of playing a mid-season cupcake as the lead-up to a big game. They've got Auburn the week before Tennessee-Martin comes to town.

Good Snark: Cigar-Free Football ... Lotta close games being registered by ticket busters, adding to the college fund of many a bookie's family.

The MAC is as feisty as ever, and add that tag to the Big East remnant AAC, as well. They're playing opponents tough, even if they have to lull them to sleep in order to do so. Still, UConn had its moments against Missouri. That 9-6 score against the defending SEC East champs was a tribute to old-time football:

Full marks, first and foremost, to Northern Illinois for their effort against the alleged No 1 club in the nation:

These sorts of results are happening too much to be a fluke. Depth is still an issue, but the Other Five deserves more credit than their Power Five brethren give them.

Maybe some day the CFP will make it right by including their champions in an eight-team bracket.

Bad Snark: Al Golden Still Isn't ... Apparently, no matter how long the Miami Hurricanes have been downgraded to a drizzle, it doesn't matter how many games they win.

They've gotta cover. And that's where Al Golden falls short. It also seems that when the points are scored matters more than the fact they were scored at all.

Quality win, but it's a tough crowd down there.

Fire Al Golden banner

Good Snark: The SEC Bounce ... Somehow, if these plays are gonna happen anywhere, it'll be down South:

That's well and truly a lotta goodness.

Ole Miss reverted to the fashion statement they made in 1988, which was the last time they beat Alabama. Who knew the ball is attracted to powder blue? Then again, who knew the Tide was capable of five turnovers in that hallowed Lair of the Bear?

Not this dude:

Reb on his butt

Bad Snark: You Can Spell Texas and California with No D ... The good news for the Longhorns is they didn't really have an offense, either, until this game. That's the glass half full.

As to California, they're a legitimate threat in the Pac-12 North on the mere fact that Jared Goff & His Catching Crew look like they can go off for 100 points at any time.

In the aftermath, it's good to know that shreds of human decency still exist. Not one discouraging word involving sh!tkickers was heard on the range.

Snarkalicious: The Strongest Divisions Have Survivors ... If the debate comparing the Pac-12 South to the SEC West -- or any other conference race -- is to have any legitimacy as to who's strongest, we'd expect to see 2-3 league losses from the titlist. That may well occur in 2015

If so, then USC has a head start:

A loss like that had to be sobering to Steve Sarkisian and his staff.

Stanford is maddeningly conservative, but they're unapologetic about featuring their offensive line. The intricacies of its getting in synch may well have been part of the issue at Northwestern, but the big boys were in full throttle in the Coliseum.

Wouldn't be a surprise, in fact, if Bret Bielema found the Cardinal's vaunted elephant formation to be borderline erotic.

Who knew that could happen on only one knee?