NCAA Week 10: Good Snark, Bad Snark

Published on 7-Nov-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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NCAA Week 10: Good Snark, Bad Snark

It could well be the smartest college football program out there is Idaho.

And yet, the choice the Vandals made wasn't exactly what they wanted to do.

Stuck in a sparse market only eight miles away from a Pac-12 program that dominates the regional college football dollar -- including an annual media-rights haul of around $18million this season -- Idaho's demographics and distances ultimately made its remaining an FBS program untenable.

Dudes reluctantly dropped into the FCS Big Sky Conference, meaning 22 players -- FBS gives rides to 85; the FCS to 63 -- must now pay their own way or uproot to another program.

If they can find one.

None of that is news, really. It's been an issue for a while, now.

So's this: Informed conjecture has it that Oregon's thinking about dropping $10million on a new coach.

John Canzano's no troll, and with kajillionaire alum Phil Knight using the Ducks as a Nike branding vehicle, that's a rational number in regards to the cost of doing business. Kinda like Alabama Inc and Texas Assets & Managment. It's affordable and justifiable.

And as the Texas Longhorns discovered, necessary. Thus, pulling the plug on Charlie Strong already may be a knee-jerk move, but revenue forecasts wait for no man.

But this have-vs-haven't as much situation is getting ridiculous.

Boring non-con mismatches are giving way to boring in-con mismatches.

The first is inevitable and gonna cause some serious thinking about financial model maintenence. The second?

Good Snark: A real game sighting ... Damn. Notre Dame and Navy went down to the wire. Impressive, considering the Irish had only six total possessions the entire game.

The Middies may have canned their global force for good slogan, but they were a gridiron force against the Irish:

That squeaker did more han make Navy the AAC title favorite. Ken Niumatalolo became only the Midshipmen's second coach to beat Notre Dame three times.

Not a good day all around for Irish fans:

irish fan chooses game over wedding

Bad Snark: Dr Aggie & Mr Mechanical ... Texas A&M may have an SEC offense -- helloooo, Christian Kirk -- but their D is still Big XII.

And who knew we shoulda checked in with this dude earlier in the week?

Again, looks like the Bookies and Geeks did more with the data than the Selection Committee did.

Good Snark: Words mean something, dammit ... Nick Saban could run for emperor in the non-Tiger part of Alabama, and maybe he should. When His Dudeness says something, he does it.

Like telling CBS sideline reporter Allie LaForce at halftime it's time to drop da bomb on the first play and backing it up.

Still, not even that dented Death Valley.

Nothing did until frosh QB Jalen Hurts tossed up a bit of chicken salad:

Bad Snark: No habla con sinceridad ... Wells Fargo gets caught with its money-grubbing paws in the collective cookie jar, no one's going to jail because it's a white-collar thing, and they decide its good business to apologize.

So the Stagecoach runs this ad during college football games on Saturday on English-speaking broadcasts.

Wells Fargo: Compromiso

Who runs that bank? Eddie Haskell?

Good Snark: Just a step to the left and a jump to the right ... Washington's John Ross III is doing the time warp again. Running a 60 in 4.32 will do that.

Running rings around what passes for a Golden Bear secondary is extra:

Bad Snark: So, this is what a driver's seat feels like ... For 59:59, anyway. Kentucky actually entered its clash with Georgia in control of its own SEC East destiny. That's right, winning out woulda put the Wildcats in the conference championship game against Alabama or Auburn.

Maybe that's why Calipari's crew vaporized Asbury University by 93. Either that, or he got pumped by watching the FBS favorites' smash-a-thon.

Snarkalicious: It's a gas, gas, gas ... Vanderbilt's Zach Cunningham is being fitted for a cape this week.