More Allegations Plague Manziel

Published on 6-Aug-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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More Allegations Plague Manziel

First there were the hints and allegations.

Then there were pictures.

And now, according to Joe Schad of ESPN, there is a video that he and other ESPN employees have seen of Johnny Manziel actually talking about the transactions as he is signing. 

Schad says that Manziel may have gotten about $7,500 for signing collectable items. But that's not the only shocker., Schad reported you could hear Manziel saying to this broker that "you never did a signing with me" and "not to tell."

This is not Manziel's first rodeo, so to speak. Apparently, he may have signed for brokers in New Haven, Birmingham, and Fort Lauderdale. All of this, ladies and gentlemen, according to the report, is for new rims for his car.

Don't you think Paul Manziel, who is Johnny's dad, would have given him the money for that? 

The topper is that Manziel has hired the same law firm who represented Cam Newton in his case against the NCAA to represent him, as well. When I heard that, I knew trouble was ahead. 

A friend said to me that may be Manziel wants out of Texas A&M. If that's true, he's certainly on his way to making that dream a reality.

So which team in the CFL can use a scrambling quarterback. Oh, that's right. All of them.