Money Talks and the Noles' Defensive Coordinator Walks

Published on 19-Jan-2014 by Towner Park

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Money Talks and the Noles' Defensive Coordinator Walks

After only a single season coaching the Florida State Seminoles defensive unit, Jeremy Pruitt has decided to move on to greener pastures.

And when I say greener pastures, I mean Pruitt saw the light and it was in the form of a hefty pay increase. 

He left quite the football imprint with the Seminoles. Not only did Florida State win the national championship, but they possessed one of the top five defenses, statistically, in the nation. There's no disputing the impact Pruitt had on the Noles defense, but seriously, one and done?

This coach certainly knows when to strike when the iron is hot. After coaching the secondary for the two-time defending national champion Alabama Crimson Tide, Pruitt decided to leave Tuscaloosa for the opportunity of a lifetime. Florida State, known for its defensive fortitude -- thanks in part to the dominating defenses of the 80's and 90's that Mickey Andrews orchestrated -- gave Pruitt the chance to become its new defensive coordinator. 

At 500,000 bananas, this was an offer that Pruitt couldn't refuse. 

However, despite the success that Florida State had this year -- you know, winning the ACC Championship, easily defeating its arch enemies in Clemson, Miami, and Florida, winning the national championship, and restoring order within the NCAA football confines -- Pruitt was offered and accepted the job as defensive coordinator for the Georgia Bulldogs. 

Yes, Noles fans, Pruitt took a job in a state that borders Florida to the north for a $350,000 pay increase despite claims that Florida State was going to increase his annual salary based on his performance this past season.

The SEC is the most popular girl in school. It always gets what it wants.

Nevertheless, Pruitt is definitely inheriting a challenge with Georgia's defense, even though it could possibly be returning 10 starters. Georgia's defense was plain -- non-existant at times -- this year. It certainly possesses the capability to be opportunistic and dominant, but it definitely needs someone to maximize its potential. The Bulldog athletic administration decided that Pruitt, who is known for this type of refinement, should be able to make that transition. Considering Georgia ranked 78th in scoring defense, Pruitt will absolutely have his hands full re-wiring Georgia's defensive mindset.

I could see how this would be appealing to Pruitt, even without the extra monetary incentive to leave Tallahassee. Although the pay increase is certainly a plus, Georgia presents more of a personal challenge than managing an already defined Florida State defense.