Mizzou QB Performs the World's First Revenge Chug

Published on 9-Nov-2016 by Raoul Duke

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Mizzou QB Performs the World's First Revenge Chug

Gamesmanship on the road in a hostile environment can take many forms.

College football venues can be nasty places to visit, with young students painting their faces and reversing the evolutionary process through binge drinking.

On Saturday at South Carolina, Missouri Tigers QB Drew Lock decided to see the fans' ridiculous shenanigans and raise them with a rather disgusting retort.

After the Tigers second touchdown of the day, Lock and his teammates were being pelted with random objects from the completely uncivilized Gamecocks student section.

Ozzy Osbourne may still have the gold standard by biting the head off a bat, but at least it was a source of protein.

But this? Anyone's guess:

One of the objects happened to be a water bottle whose contents were unidentified.

Throwing caution and long term health to the wind, Lock decided to have a swig.

Vomit-stifling sequence activated.

The announcers correctly pointed out the foolishness of this act.

However, it is a fine way to shut down a student section on the road, besides scoring the touchdown, of course.

It was the rough equivalent of eating a battery in Philly.