Minor League Team to Honor NCAA Prez for His Ringing Endorsement

Published on 25-Jun-2014 by J Square Humboldt

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Minor League Team to Honor NCAA Prez for His Ringing Endorsement

The NCAA churns a kajillion dollars off the backs of teenagers and twenty-somethings, and this is the best they can hire to run the show?


Not sure what the plaitiffs in the O'Bannon vs NCAA lawsuit paid their legal team, but all they really had to do was get some interns to put Mark Emmert on the stand and watch him go.

Emmert was firmly grasping the Shovel of Arrogance with both hands when he dug this hole:

To convert college sports into professional sports would be tantamount to converting it into minor league sports. And we know that in the U.S. minor league sports aren’t very successful either for fan support or for the fan experience.

Whoa! When poobahs aren't being protected by their PR hacks, the scope of their shallowness is exposed at breathtaking levels.

And in this instance, minor league baseball begs to differ. As the minors saw over 41million fans parade through the turnstiles in 2013 alone, they have a point.

And no one makes a point like the entrepreneurs who own minor league teams.

These dudes know promotion. Their creativity is a tribute to what makes Americana great. So it was a given that at least one team's response to Emmert would be spot-on.

Thank you, Lake County Captains of the Class A Midwest League. Be there or be square on Thu 2 Jul for Mark Emmert Appreciation Night. Among the fitting features are these gems:

  • All fans may transfer to a different seat but will be subject to a one-inning waiting period penalty.
  • Fans who participate during in-game festivities, contests, or promotions will not receive tangible prizes but instead receive the satisfaction of having participated.
  • The Captain mascot may or may not roam the stadium dishing out $100 handshakes to any fan wearing a generic college jersey, one that may or may not represent a current student-athlete.

This promotion might even surpass their Sharknado Night.

So, while Emmert and his fellow stuffed shirts in the Ivory Tower of Hypocrisy are in the throes of watching shiploads of dollars sail away from their arbitrary shores, the Captains and their cohorts will be enjoying another successful -- and profitable -- summer.

Lake County Captains