Mike Leach Not Impressed with the SEC

Published on 28-Jan-2017 by Raoul Duke

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Mike Leach Not Impressed with the SEC

Hello SEC.

Mike Leach doesn't think you're special in any way.

Recently, when asked about one of his football disciples bringing the Air Raid offense to the SEC, the always candid Leach took the opportunity to rip the conference a new one.

Apparently, the current Washington State frontman thinks that conference down South lacks imagination in regard to offensive scheming and play calling.

This isn't necessarily a fresh take on the subject, as others have pointed out the obvious conservative nature of many SEC offenses.

However, Leach just voices his opinions in a more entertaining fashion.

Coach is of the mind that just because the SEC is blessed with the best athletes, which they are, this doesn't necessarily mean the coaching or philosophy is superior.

He would be correct.

The SEC certainly does lean conservative as far as passing offense is concerned, and as a result, many talented wide receivers are wasted on a regular basis because they either don't see enough targets or the QB is inept.

For the love of chomped-on grass, LSU once had Odell Beckham Jr and Jarvis Landry on the same roster!

The seeds of Leach's Air Raid offense were first planted in his brief two-year stint as OC at Kentucky, where he had future NFL bust Tim Couch at his disposal.

Of course, Leach eventually found much success with the offense at Texas Tech and now Wazzu.

By the way, that's current Cougars QB Luke Falk, who's apparently having more fun in Pullman than he thinks he would under The Shield. He's probably right.

Maybe a Pirate-style of offense will get a bit of traction in the SEC going forward.

In the meantime, chald's confident about who's still going to win.

Move along.

Nothing to see here.