Michigan Unleashes the Centipede Formation ... Again

Published on 24-Oct-2016 by Raoul Duke

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Michigan Unleashes the Centipede Formation ... Again

The Michigan Wolverines are really locked in at the moment, currently enjoying a 7-0 record and an alleged No 2 national ranking.

This success can be attributed to many things, including the genius and madness of head coach Jim Harbaugh, who apparently derives inspiration from his magic khakis.

Inspiration struck in early October against the Wisconsin Badgers, when the legally insane former 49ers boss decided to line his team up in what we will delicately refer to as a centipede formation.

This particular alignment involves the entire team lining up directly behind the center.

Confused yet?

Of course you are.

As you can see, there's only one player on the line of scrimmage, and since seven are required, this formation is kinda sorta illegal.

Of course, the Wolverines quickly reverted to a conventional formation before the ball was snapped, but the visual is still engrained on our collective psyches.

Crazy Jim enjoyed this nonsense so much, he decided to try it once more against Illinois, and managed to score on the play.

While this diversion does seem to be effective, the optics are just so wrong.

Running a train on the field in full view of 100,000 people is morally suspect and quite possibly criminal.

Think about the children, Coach Harbaugh.