Miami Created a Hurricane of Ill-Timed Losses

Published on 11-Nov-2013 by Towner Park

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Miami Created a Hurricane of Ill-Timed Losses

After a 7-0 start this season, it appeared the resurgent Miami Hurricanes were heading in the right direction.

Everything seemed to be aligning perfectly, even though there were clear signs of fortuitous events that made Miami look better than it was. With the inconsistent Stephen Morris at the helm, the Canes seemed to be willing their way to a undefeated season or, at least, a very successful season. However, over the past four weeks, Miami has been consistently exposed and overvalued as a Top 15 team.

With ticky-tack wins against weak ACC foes -- Wake Forest (just barely) and North Carolina -- I think the ACC fanbase as well as Miami fans were surprised to be undefeated heading into their 2 November match-up with the thunderous Seminoles. Although the Canes played tough, they were completely dominated in every facet of the game. This was clear evidence of misfortune to come. After the Seminoles controlled, baffled, and completely outplayed Miami to the tune to a 41-14 win, things started to unravel.

Their main running threat, Duke Johnson, was lost for the season. After breaking his right ankle, Miami was forced to utilize their passing game, which can best be described as a risky situation. Morris, although brilliant at times, has a tendency to turn the ball over. Forced throws in tight windows and poor decisions constantly plague this talented quarterback. When Johnson, Miami's best player, was lost for the year, it foreshadowed horrific ordeals to come.

When the Virginia Tech Hokies came to town, Miami was reeling. After an emotionally distraught lost to a in-state rival, I predicted an upset of sorts but didn't expect things to unravel so quickly.

Miami was positive early, jumping out to a 7-0 lead, but it was all Logan Thomas and Trey Edmunds after that.

Keep in mind how awful Thomas has played this year, but he broke out with his best game of the season, by far. With sloppy play, Miami completely lost control of the game and were outclassed by an underachieving-to-date Hokie team. It was truly disappointing to see Miami play in such an undisciplined manner. I can understand having a hangover effect from the Florida State debacle, but I couldn't believe that they would allow Virginia Tech -- whose offense has been beyond repulsive at times -- to dominate their defense.

With three subpar ACC opponents upcoming, the Hurricanes can still salvage what was once a promising season. Who knows, with the way things have played out thus far in the Coastal Division, they could wind up playing the Seminoles again in the ACC Championship game. I think that would be a little far-fetched, though, given the direction Miami is heading. But it's definitely not improbable.

Miami football is still looking for that window of opportunity that it hasn't been able to capitalize on yet. Hurricane fans are waiting for something to be excited about. Unfortunately for them, that 7 and 0 beginning was just a tease.