McCaffrey Rumbles for an Awesome 96 Yards That Won't Count

Published on 3-Sep-2016 by Alan Adamsson

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McCaffrey Rumbles for an Awesome 96 Yards That Won't Count

Judgment calls are the bane of sporting events everywhere.

Whatever happened to no harm, no foul?

Rhetorical question. But that's probably why erudite student athletes -- like Christian McCaffrey and other Stanford jocks -- take a few courses in existentialism to cushion the blow that inconsistent decisions have on their perfomances.

Like, was the flag that negated McCaffrey's impressive trans-field gallop really a block in the back?

It looks even more telling at game speed, but did this Kansas State dude even have a shot at laying hands on McCaffrey?

There were already two teammates buffering the space between him and Stanford's latest hoss:

K-State misses tackle on McCaffrey

OK, this isn't the Zapruder film, and the Cardinal pulled away from K-State without the benefit of this play.

And there's the fact of human nature that everyone who cares can't erase this feat from their memories any more than a jury can do what a judge says and disregard a compelling bit of testimony.

Hopefully, the day will soon come when conference overseers demand that -- in times when judgment is a possibility --their officials default one logical snippet of advice:

Err on the side of action, dudes!