Manziel Shines at His Pro Day

Published on 27-Mar-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Manziel Shines at His Pro Day

Happy Johnny Day, folks!

This is the day all NFL teams were anticipating with bated breath. It's Johnny Manziel's pro day, and apparently, he didn't disappoint.

You know this is big when former presidents, former first ladies, and the current governor attends. Or at least you know it's in Texas.

Full marks to Manziel for setting the tone by wearing full pads and a helmet, too. Usually, these workouts are a shirt-and-shorts affair. The total armor look was a hit.

Gil Brandt tweet re Manziel full pads

From all indications, Mr Football put on a clinic for the scouts and coaches, which some say will put him back at the No 1 draft pick. Don't know if the antiquated Polish Rifle or Merril NostraHogenus thought of the proceedings, but count Manziel's former positions coach Klif Kingsbury -- andcurrent head man at Texa Tech -- among those impressed.

Kingsbury tweet re Manziel

Kingsbury wasn't the only guy who was tossing bouquets over Manziel's performance. Here are just a few other comments from NFL "experts."

Current ESPN analyst and perpetual Chucky clone Jon Gruden compared Manziel to Hall of Fame quarterback Steve Young:

“Steve Young is who I see when I watch Johnny Manziel’s tape. Lot of common ground: size, speed, playmaking ability and upside.”

When asked for his opinion, Manziel's private quarterback coach George Whitfield couldn't keep from gushing. "I'd call it an 11. And that's on the low end [of a scale from 1-10]."

Did anybody really think that Manziel wasn't going to come up trumps today? It's Johnny Football! Of course he was going to impress people!

No one has ever questioned Manziel's skills and abilities. Except for Jaworski and Hoge doubting his ability to adapt to the pro game, the question most have asked is whether Mr Football has the leadership abilities to carry a team or whether it's going to be all about him?

Regardless of how he looked on the field today, there will always be questions about his off-field antics, which will hang over him as long as he plays the game.

But his on-field antics may yet translate to the NFL. Fans can only hope so.

No word from Hoge if he'll need surgery to extract his foot from his mouth yet.

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