Manziel's 'Uncle' Allegedly Runs His Autograph Biz

Published on 8-Aug-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Manziel's 'Uncle' Allegedly Runs His Autograph Biz

Everyone has a favorite uncle.

He's that man to whom you go for advice or a good story. You might even have a beer with him on occasion. Basically, he's the guy who's supposed to have a positive influence on your life and point you in the right direction. 

But not Johnny Manziel's friend, Nate Fitch, aka 'Uncle' Nate.

It seems that Manziel's uncle -- who really isn't his uncle; just friend/hanger-on -- may be the main person responsible for running Manziel's autograph business.

Uncle Nate's name has been out there since the story broke. More and more, he seems to be the central figure in this mess. He's apparently a drop-out who, according to many, handles the booking and logistics of Manziel's autograph business affairs.

It's one thing to claim you're ignorant of the rules; it's quite another to have a friend or family member run your business in violation of those rules. It's also ironic that former Heisman quarterback Cam Newton made a statement about this the other day, because it was his father's involvement in reportedly selling Cam to the highest bidder that precipitated some changes in the NCAA rules.

The new regulation basically states that no one associated with a student-athlete can profit from them, whether or not the athlete knew it. So even if Manziel tried to go back and claim he didn't know, it doesn't matter. 

Newton swears to this day that he had no idea what his father was doing behind his back, which probably saved him while he honed his pro skills at Auburn.

But wouldn't it be ironic if the 'Cecil Newton Rule' would be the one that brings down Johnny Manziel?

And he has his 'uncle' to thank for it.