Manziel's Parents Worry about His Behavior off the Field

Published on 30-Jul-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Manziel's Parents Worry about His Behavior off the Field

It's one thing for the media to hint or say that Johnny Manziel's life is spinning out of control, it's another when his parents seem to agree, as well. 

Wright Thompson just did an in-depth article for ESPN the Magazine on the college star, and after just reading a few excerpts, you begin to get the idea that even Johnny Football's parents can't seem to control him.

Paul Manziel on why he doesn’t like playing golf with Johnny, who’s got a temper: “…He still needs love. He still needs guidance. He still needs to see he’s wrong -- and how to control his temper. And if I give up on him, who’s gonna take over? The school sure the hell isn’t gonna do it.”

After Johnny got arrested, Paul -- never a heavy drinker -- quit drinking altogether, to set an example. He feels the time slipping away.

“He’ll grow up,” Paul says. “He’ll fight the same thing with his son. And his son will think he knows it all. It’s a cycle. Right? I think that’s the toughest relationship in the world, fathers and sons.”

After his arrest, Johnny’s parents and Aggies Coach Kevin Sumlin mandated he visit an alcohol counselor. Johnny saw him six or seven weeks during the season. About the only place his parents and the coach still see the real him is on the football field.

“Yeah,” Paul said one evening, driving in his car, “it could come unraveled. And when it does, it’s gonna be bad. Real bad."


We all knew the situation was a bit iffy, but we didn't know it was this bad. You know you are in trouble when even your parents can't save you.

You wonder, though, if Manziel will have to crash and burn first before he really turns his life around. For his sake -- and Texas A&M's -- he'd better figure it out soon before it affects him on the field, too.

Because it seems as if the clock is ticking, and it's only a matter of time before all this blows up in Manziel's face.