Manziel Meets with NCAA; Decision to Come Tomorrow

Published on 27-Aug-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Manziel Meets with NCAA; Decision to Come Tomorrow

We are allegedly one day closer to some sort of substantial action in the Johnny Manziel situation.

The celebrated -- and frequently celebrating -- Texas A&M quarterback talked to the NCAA for six hours on Sunday and denied that he took money for autographs.


However, the pressure is building to do something. Kickoffs happen in a couple of days.

ncaa will act on manziel situation

Now, the ball is in the NCAA's court. Do they suspend Manziel or let him play? A number of observers believe there will be a compromise between Manziel and the NCAA, but the wild card is what does the NCAA actually have or know about Manziel?

Unless they have a verified paper trail, all they've got is hearsay. But given the pompousness of the NCAA, that might be just enough to suspend Manziel.

For how long? Who knows?

I'd be shocked if the NCAA doesn't do anything at all about this. They don't take too kindly to liars -- ask Dez Bryant -- and they have suspended other players before for minor incidents.

If Manziel doesn't get punished, there's going to be an outcry across the country from fans who will scream bias for the SEC and even racism because of what happened to Dez Bryant, AJ Green and Terrell Pryor. 

Meanwhile, Bruce Feldman of just reported that the Manziel family is ready to sue both the NCAA and A&M if the kid doesn't play. 

If Texas A&M decides to play Manziel despite recommendations from the NCAA not to, they may be taking a huge risk on their season and, more importantly, on their football program down the road.