Manziel: Lebron Helped Me through the Tough Times

Published on 13-Dec-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Manziel: Lebron Helped Me through the Tough Times

We all know what a tough offseason it was for Johnny Manziel -- aka Johnny Football -- what with reports of his partying and possibly taking money for signing autographs.

But there was one person who helped the poor young quarterback doing those tough times.

Lebron James.

According to Manziel, Bron Bron helped him deal with his troubling situation this summer, as he related on the Dan Patrick Show. 

I wonder if Manziel will consult Lebron when and if he decides to declare for the NFL.

First, AJ McCarron says he and A-Rod chatted before the Iron Bowl. Now, Manziel says he is turning to Lebron for advice. What's next? Mike D'Antoni calling Wayne Gretzky to advise him on how to coach the Lakers?

Sports makes some strange bedfellows, sometimes.