Mack Brown Not Stepping Down at Texas

Published on 10-Dec-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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Mack Brown Not Stepping Down at Texas

The Texas/Mack Brown thing is getting weirder by the second.

On one hand, we have the University of Texas administration saying that a decision about Mack Brown's future will be made Thursday.

One the other hand, reports were coming out at that Mack Brown was planning to step down. That is, until Brown himself said he wasn't.

"I'm in Florida recruiting. If I had decided to step down, I sure wouldn't be killing myself down here."

Well, there it is. Or is it? The situation down in Austin is almost laughable.

One of the most successful football programs of all time is in the middle of a hot mess. A large contingent of Longhorn Nation wants to wave farewell to the current head coach, but he refuses to go.

What coach in their right mind -- including Nick Saban -- would even think about to being involved with these people? The Texas media continues to spread unfounded rumors about Saban and/or every other coach coming to Austin. In Saban's case, someone arranged to have him paged at an Austin airport and saying his wife was househunting there.

Even the university president said he never had contact with Saban. And you think someone wants to get involved in this mess? Who?

Not only that, but these hints and rumors are being use as pawns in the salary-increase game. Texas's alleged desperation for a top-flight coach has reportedly been a factor in Saban and Auburn coach Gus Malzahan getting contract extensions and healthy raises.

And yet, the madness continues.

For Texas fans, so does the embarrassment.

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