LSU's Leading Rusher Back with Team

Published on 7-Aug-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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LSU's Leading Rusher Back with Team

As we reported a few weeks ago, LSU running back Jeremy Hill, who was arrested back then for battery, has returned to the team.

Or at least, he's practicing.

Hill pleaded guilty to a lesser charge and it all disappeared, therefore allowing him to continue his football career at LSU.

His teammates voted him back on the team, according to LSU head football coach Les Miles.

"He was not going to be invited back to practice, had they not voted to have him back," Miles said Monday afternoon. "I wanted them to have the right to express themselves in a vote, and they did."

As of now, according to Miles, Hill will not be the starting running back for the team. Notice I said as of now

Right, Les, as if Hill was never coming back.

Miles is not exactly known as being a strict head coach when it comes to his players. Ask Tyrann Mathieu and Jordan Jefferson.  

Jefferson supposedly beat the tar out of a marine and was let back on the team. Mathieu, of course, continued to play for a while even though he failed several drug tests.

Les Miles is like a substitute teacher. You know that when they're there, you can get away with pretty much anything as long as the students don't kill each other.

I doubt that is going to change any time soon down in Baton Rouge, which is a good thing if you are an LSU football fan. Unless they start losing games.