LSU's Hill Pleads Guilty to Battery

Published on 12-Jul-2013 by Stacey Mickles

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LSU's Hill Pleads Guilty to Battery

After being suspended earlier this week for getting into a fight in back in April, LSU running back Stephen Hill has pleaded guilty Friday to simple battery. 

Hill's plea will allow him to stay a free man, but he is walking a very fine line. Any more incidents in the near future could mean jail time.

Hill now has a six-month suspended sentence and two years of probation. That overlaps with his previous six-month suspended sentence and initial two years of probation, which was due to expire in January after an incident he had with a teenage girl at a local high school.

Hill will now have to wait for a hearing next month, but before then, the judge hearing his case made themselves clear about Hill's future if he doesn't straighten up.

The judge told Hill he is "this close" to ruining a promising football career. The judge also told Hill of the fate of Cecil Collins, a former LSU running back who played with LSU in 1997 and who the judge called one of the "greatest" and "dumbest" Tigers running backs of all time.

Collins' once-promising career was ruined by constant trouble with the law which resulted in prison time for him.

There has been no comment from LSU head coach Les Miles, but since Hill doesn't have to serve a jail term, expect to see him back on the field in the fall.