LSU AD Whines about SEC Schedule

Published on 29-Apr-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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LSU AD Whines about SEC Schedule

The SEC voted to keep their eight-game conference schedule, which didn't exactly sit well with everyone.

One school in particular that wasn't pleased was LSU.

Tigers athletic director Joe Alleva voiced his displeasure with the league over his school's tough schedule.

The main problem Alleva is having is that while Alabama-Tennessee and Mississippi State-Kentucky get to continue to match up as permanent cross-division foes, LSU has to face Florida every year, which he considers unfair.

"I'm disappointed in the fact that the leadership of our conference doesn't understand the competitive advantage permanent partners give to certain institutions," Alleva told the New Orleans Times-Picayune.

"I tried to bring that up very strongly at the meeting today. In our league, we share the money and expenses equally but we don't share our opponents equally."

Alleva, to a certain extent has a point. LSU has played Florida more than most of the SEC's Western Division, but at the same time, how often have they faced Tennessee or  South Carolina recently?

But besides the Tim Tebow years, LSU has pretty much had their way with the Gators, so what's the problem?

A few years ago, Alabama had several opponents -- including LSU -- take a week off before they played the Tide. Where was Alleva then with his whining? He didn't think it was unfair then that his Tigers got an advantage.

Also, if you claim to be the best, shouldn't you want to face the best? Give Alleva his wish, replace Florida with a tougher Georgia or South Carolina team every year and see how he likes that.

Nick Saban is pushing for fairness by asking the league to vote for a nine-game schedule, but most schools are against it. 

So may be Alleva and Miles should shut up, get on the Saban bandwagon, and push for a nine-game schedule if they seriously want more fairness in the SEC.