Louisville Players Ticked about Strong's Exit

Published on 6-Jan-2014 by Stacey Mickles

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Louisville Players Ticked about Strong's Exit

There are two sides to every story.

While Texas Longhorn fans are celebrating the hiring of Charlie Strong, Louisville players are ticked how their former coach just jumped ship and left for Texas.

Really, as coaching changes happen all the time, wouldn't you think college players would be braced for those moments when they come. That's why it's somewhat surprising that we keep seeing interactions like this:

Louisville players' reactions - 1

Louisville players' reactions - 2

You can't really blame them for being upset, especially if Strong left the way they said he did, but as one player realized, it's a business. 

Meanwhile, Strong is eager to get started.

"I can't wait," Strong said today. "It's time to put the program back on the national stage."

The Louisville football program made tremendous strides under Strong, so he gave the school and its players full value for the experience. And, for all its faults, this is the University of Texas.

And while you don't mess with Texas, you don't turn them down either.